Fabrashay A's Instore @ Sole Classics

Last Saturday's Gallery Hop (02/05/2011) just happen to be Fabrashay A + edition. Was it dope? Of course it was. Fab & P. Blackk performed "No More Sucka Shit" from Fab's latest mixtape, "The Art Show". That track happens to be one of my favorites. Fab and P are pretty much beasty on tracks together. Y'all know whats even better? Fab, P, and L.e! Yes, the bomb a$$ Treo performed "George Washington" from L.e's mixtape "The Measure". I believe that was a moment for everyone. What did we close out with? Well, nothing more appropriate then Kreg & Dez's, "Stupid Fruity Hookah".  Its....OHIO OVER EVERYTHING!