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maps.h9 PROPOSED OHIO MAP HishSpeedRailMap2009 PROPOSED UNITED STATES MAP I (@iAMKREG) like this idea!  The trains would go 110mph. The world is changing I hope you are changing with it!

Vision of High Speed Rail in America

devin_green_la_defenders Shout out to my homie Ty Kish at CityleagueHoops.tv for sending me these videos. He is working with a former City league Hoops alumni Devin Green and his journey to work his way back into the NBA. Here are two of the clips, stay tuned into kingsrowe to see more soon...

Hoops Dreams

6489_911442819245_12416978_50544508_7935934_n From the Creators of !WhudUP Wednesday! ** Hosted by Fly Union, Kingsrowe and Kreg and Dez ** We Bring You the Don't Just Blend In - Happy Hours party **

Don't Just Blend In- The Creators of !WhudUP Wednesday!

jay-z_fabolous Fab pulled off a great video with a nice cameo from HOV.....I like this song and might have to add the Dez Arnez swag over this beat


What is a performance tax? A performance tax is a fee that record labels want the government to impose on local radio stations simply for airing music free of charge for listeners. In recent years, the record labels have seen sales of albums decline as more listeners opt for digital downloads. However, radio remains the number one promotional vehicle for music – it’s not responsible for the label’s resistance to the digital age, and it shouldn’t be on the hook to fix it. Radio already provides between $1.5 to $2.4 billion dollars annually in music sales for artists and record labels. By pushing a tax on local radio, record labels are biting the hand that feeds them. Where does the money go?


Groove of the Week

51JEKRXQ8HL._SL500_AA280_ Like my homie Rob Rose would say this is a "PAUSE" and I aint on that. Who would really leave there children with this freak im pretty sure I seen his picture on one of those OSU campus alrets. Anywho watch this guy do some crazy yoga moves in a farm also peep the kid with the worst dreads ever. IM OUT

Parents Beware