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adam-pacman-jones-jail The infamous Pacman Jones making it rain video has hit the net people. Watch as Rap stars, Trap stars and Football stars make a strippers dreams come true this night.

Dont Pick Up The Money Just Dance

b8vlnp Mr Hood Hop is back with a new single Louie bounce AkA I smacked Nikki and yes its another dance song. Looks like the guy picked up some weight in the off season. I really dont get the song maybe yall can help me out

Another Rapper Alive From the Rappers Graveyard

1207wo_obama_bum-420x0 Ok so everybody is making a big deal about President Obama and the imfamous Butt glances. Now me being the brotha that I am I know I would have looked but in the video tape he looks as if hes not looking at her butt. Ill let you guys be the judge.

You Can Look But Dont Touch

Step Ya G Shock Game Up

soakers I was net surfN when I came across this pic.

Always Strapped

n506714167_1555858_257947 My homie Sinatra one of the hardest working artist in the Cap City has blessed the Roll the window up Remix by Nipsey Hussle.

Quick Pick: Supanatra is Back

[caption id="attachment_3898" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Ill take A side order of romp to go Plz"]Ill take A side order of romp to go Plz[/caption] I been slipping on this young lady right here she goes by the name of Ashley Logan AKA The BackShot Queen. By the video clips I seen the name fits her well. Check out the video clips after the Break                                                                                                                                                                      -Dez Arnez