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I found videos of this year's summer jam in NYC. My homie supanatra and I wanted to see the dipset reunion but it didnt happen.But here's what did go down -Dez Arnez

Summer Jam 2009 NYC

Shout to my boy J Club for this video. Ray J had the women going crazy at club BOMA in Columbus,OH.You must peep how silly these women where looking in this video. My favorite part is ole girl doing the splits LOL. Whats yours -Dez Arnez

Columbus Has Gifts LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found some more clips of Joe Budden wifey Tahiry and her KING MAG shoot. I feel sorry for ole Joe because every person in hip hop wants her. Ok enough talking watch the video and comment I promise you we want spam your inbox. -Dez Arnez

Every Rappers Dream

For all my people that knows Funk Flex and Mister Cee there going to co-sign ANYTHING he does. They broke the record a few days back on Hot 97 watch as they go nuts over Death Of Autotune. -Dez Arnez

Mister Cee and Funk Flex Breaking DOA

My homie SupaNatra and the Exec Gang blessed us with a cypher check out part 1 and support his Dj Drama gangsta grillz Black Trash Bags Story.Exec Gang Space Ship 7 Frames Holla Back                                                                                                                                                                                -Dez Arnez

Exec Gang Cypher Part 1

Shout out to T-cuzz Aka Model Mason for this one.I laugh every time I see this video not only because the two kids have some of the illest dance moves, But this also happens to be Mr. Kingsrowe favorite song.                                                                                                                                -Dez Arnez

America's Best Dance Crew

As if the first video wasnt enough spectacular is back with part 2. This time he has some words for you haters LOL                                                                                                                                 -Dez Arnez

Pause Police We Need Back-Up