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Been a while since I did the Harlem Shake in Blog Form. Major reconstruction been going on. If you want to catch my new blogs you can do so here. With that out the way…

Internet Fellas Won - by @leroncrowder


Young Fab A. is back with another freestyle over the Future track "itchin" hes working on a project that should be coming soon in the mean time enjoy this music he puts out

Click here 

DROPS: @FabrashayAPlus - Itchin' freestyle


Its been awhile since my little homie Duzzo dropped some music his last project "cold war" hosted by Dj Osh dropped a few years ago. Now it looks like hes back with a new focus same team "TNS" Gunnaz what up

Duzzo Ft K Hoodie - Mind Body & Soul

Check out the interview of Dionte' and myself on Channel 6 news about the Vans Vault X Sole Classics "Carmen". Sorry mama I had to rock the golds for the hood LOL




Beyond The Game: Vans Vault X Sole Classics collab featured on Channel 6 News

Law and Order STU (Special Thirst Unit) 5.17.13

One of my Top 5 favorite rappers in the game right now; Pusha T drops a video for the street banger "Numbers on the boards". it has been on repeat for a week straight. His album "My is my name" drops July 16.

Pusha T - Numbers On The Boards

Law and Order STU (Special Thirst Unit) May 10th, 2013