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Loso gives us a visual off his Soul Tape 2 mixtape for the song "We Get High" check out it

Fabolous - We Get High

My homie Chef Toon dropped off his new joint "Breathe Hoe". Can't front, the concept to this record was slick and he had a few punch lines so I was rocking with it. Be on the look out for his last project "Thanks for listening"

Chef Toon - Breathe Hoe


 The homie D Rob is an up and coming artist in the city that I have taken notice to. This kid has lyrical talent and I've watched this video a few times and since I'm back on my blog shit I wanted to give him some love and showcase his skills... check it out

DROB Cocaine - Cocaine Reloaded (Official Video)


It's funny watching this remix come to life my brother @whoisjaewood played a big part in making this remix happen because we would rap this everyday and he wanted me to do a remix bad. Next thing I know I got a call from my homie Quis and next thing you know we recorded the song and a video within a 2 weeks.. Shoutout to Kool kids ent, Cash Kounty, 5uve 5tar lets keep making things happen

Mirshaun - "Panty Peeling" (Remix)(Feat. Dez Arnez, E.G., & Pilot)(A Film By G.Rank)


My favorite podcast has a T.V. show now on complex tv and they brought Black Thought on to talk about how he met ?uestlove, his beef with Nas and a few other things I hope the show is longer but check this clip out

check the link out here


Black Thought on Meeting Questlove and Beefing with Nas - Combat Jack Episode 1


My little homie Fab A has started his #murdermonday series and this time he gets help from King Vada as they drop a few bars over a classic Roc-a-Fella beat check it out 




#MurderMonday: @FabrashayA Feat @KingVada - Somehow Someway


"Everyday millions of men leave unwanted thirst to women without a
ounce of chill. These are the stories of the Special Thirst Unit"


Detective Arnez is back for another episode of special thirst unit and... lets just get back to business.

Law and Order Special Thirst Unit Episode 3