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Its Detective Arnez again and I'm back with another esisode of "Law & Order: Special Thirst Unit" and I'm going to cut straight to the chase on the thirst of the week. Lets take a gander at a few comments shall we..


Law and Order STU (Special Thirst Unit) Episode 2

The homies from 5uve5tar dropped a new video today "military minds" this joint is clean and the flow was crazy on this check it out

5uve5tar Presents: "Military Minds" (Official Music Video Dir. By G.Rank)

"Everyday millions of men leave unwanted thirst to women without a ounce of chill. These are the stories of the Special Thirst Unit"


Hi im Detective Arnez and each day millions of cases of instagram comment thirst goes unreported each day. Well im here to change that I put together a team called the "Special Thirst Unit" as we search these nasty instagram streets to put these people away. Lets take a look at a few cases shall we



Law and Order STU (Special Thirst Unit)

Curits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stis down with Wall Street Journals Lee Hawkins to talk about branding and business the actual video is 45 mins but aint nobody got time for that so take this 16 min joint and learn something... You can say what you want about Fiddy but the man knows how to run a business 

50 Cent talks Business & Branding w/WSJ's Lee Hawkins


New Vinny Cha$e video off the Golden Army mixtape "Smokin my trees" been following this guy for a minute his visuals stay clean check em out


Ye' just dont even care anymore I see got Kim K prego (I aint mad at em for that) Dissing suit and Tie, The Grammys, and business men. I guess once you start seeing a crazy amount of dollars you just say F it and F everybody. In the first Video around the 4 min mark starts Ye's rant the second video he does the KG any thing is possible scream I cant front I was in tears on that video. Watch and tell me what you think

Kanye West WildN out


Jigga man himself came through the so so def 20th anniversary with the big boy cuban link chain and shut ATL down with a live performance for "money aint a thang". Its crazy that this song dropped in 98' and its still relevant today.

Jay-z Performing Money Aint A Thang Live at the So So Def 20th anniversary