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Welcome to Lonely Gang - By @SincerelyRW

Good Morning by @RhyanLomax

Paying homage to some tweets that made my timeline enjoyable this week.

RT @NurseKBreezy I got asthma... Not the std kind though

RT @gabtrilla Is kanye gonna go soft because he's with Kim? I really like him bitter.

RT @HoLLi614 Only four more days until Fade Fridays @ Fluer

RT @MurphIsLike I hit Doggystyle so chicks don't mess my waves up

RT @itsbizkit I stepped my naps up

RT @AnnieMcluvin Wanna get rid of someone? Let them borrow money.

Fire Tweets I've Seen This Week by @SincerelyRW

.@PBlackk - 'Don't Do It' (prod. by @J_Rawls)


If you haven't heard by now my big homie DJ Durl dropped a twerk mix and it has been proven that girls get caught at work everyday popping it on a handstand for a 9-5 twigga. Pull out your smartphones, download this link and play it for "the mommies" like my lil broski @justcoolinjay says. Watch the flourish begin.

.@DJDURL's Twerk Mix


My little homie dropped a video for his new street single 'Work' featuring Young Stacks from The Drop Boyz. The little homies have been putting in work lately, so I had to put this video up. Check it out.

Oh yeah, shoutout to Tonika. Y'all might have seen her on the Daily Biz cover with me. I throw oops "Arnez For Columbus. Help Me Help You"

Tae Fresh ft. Young Stacks - Work (Official Video)



Ciroc x Patron no longer pave the way; shorties are hip to our savage ways. Right when they kick their toes and watch you wonder aimlessly in the friend zone, it's time to hit them with a game changer. Originally when I discovered this drink I was going to keep it in my private stock, but I'm Migo, man of the people. Here it is, a step by step booklet to your flourish.

Recipe To Greatness - Migotini