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April 2, 2014 probably goes down as one of the best days in our brand's history. Not only were we able to pull off three fun events, but we were able to convince some pretty cool people to get down to Columbus and see our city for what it really is. If you know me (Dionte') then you know that I am passionate about the growth of the city, but I am also realistic; if you do not love The Ohio State University, then you really might not ever have any reason to come to town. It is a painful reality, but it is a fact. Through Sole Classics we were able to put on a pop-up shop with four strong brands from the Midwest, we also convinced a few national reps to come to town and some of our friends who own shops elsewhere.

April 2, 2014: A Kingsrowe Recap Video

Choking the chicken.. waxing the monkey... Pause? Take a listen to this episode and find out what I'm talking about.


The Dez Arnez Show - Masterbation E2

It is finally here. The Dez Arnez Show that we have been promissing you for all too long now. After probably one of the best years of our young lives, the one barrier that we have not been able to break down has been in radio. After several failed attempts to make it into your hearts via traditional radio, Dez took a little hiatus.. That is when we realized that things just aren't the same without him. So, now we're back. Doing what we do best.. breaking the rules and making our own wave. The best is yet to come. This week we are covering a few issues.. including "Bullying".  The show schedule is below along with the link.


The Dez Arnez Show - Bullying

Our One Year Anniversary for the Kingsrowe Gallery was humbling to say the least. The greater majority of our friends and extended family came out to support, and I am sure I can speak for everyone in regards to the event being fun and intimate. Not only did we have a huge birthday card made of plywood filled with signatures, well wishes and the images you are about to see below, but we also had a 5 gallon water cooler filled with 3.5 gallons of Hennessy. It is pretty safe to say we did it first. I am going to just let the images do the talking since thet is what you're here for..Thank you all for coming out and supporting the movement, physically and mentally.

Kingsrowe Gallery "1YR" Party Recap

DROPS: @flyunion "Loose Releases"

One Year Anniversary Pack: Photoset with @CandyGlitzShock

The homie, Ezzy (@EverythingEzzy), a Cleveland native, recently dropped arguably one of his strongest collection of bars to date. Recorded to Big Sean's "Control", Ezzy hops on and gives you a glipse of how bright his star can be in the future. 17 never sounded more polished.. and he lets you know it. 

Listen & download BY CLICKING HERE

DROPS: @EverythingEzzy "Control"

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