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With all the anticipation for KanYe's new CD we figured we would give you a taste of whats to come... 808sheartbreak21 PARANOID [audio http://kngs

Serving your fix: 808's and Heartbreak...


Jay Z Interview on the Angie Martinez Show (Exclusive Song)

Here at Kingsrowe we are going thru a weeding out phase. Some things that you see in the category list will be gone, some new things will appear. But two things will remain true, we are going to stay fashion foward and make you laugh! One new category will be "No Bullsh*t Radio" hosted by Kreg & Dez and my homegirl KRYS brought to you by KINGSROWE (of course). Look for a new episode EVERY WEDNESDAY! Comin VERY VERY soon. Here is a sneak peek...


No Bullsh*t Radio... coming soon

I dont know if he's breakdancing or monkey'n around. Whichever it is, it takes talent.



Its Pimpin... Pimpin.


Nov. 11th = Today...


Laugh attack... Pt. 1

This is what we do. This is what we're gonna contine to do until you respect us... Kingsrowe, Punchin Ladies and Kickin Babies since September... lol


TAKE NO PRISONERS! (Laugh Attack Snippet)...