ACNE- Admire Wedge Boot


Last season, Acne Jeans released the ever so popular Atacoma platform boot (first image) that I've been oogling over.  It seemed every modest fashion guru ended up owning them, but me. *hmph!   

Acne Jeans- Swedish based denim brand founded in 2006, an acronym for "Ambition to Create Novel Expression", is the quintessential Euro line.  Starting with only 100 pieces they created for a select few, the supply and demand rule took affect- fashion hopefuls demanded that the company supply them with the goods. Since then, Acne has produced a collection for each Spring/Fall season.  A little.... expensive? Yes. But worth it.  Anyone who's anyone knows it's all about your pieces. Ones that will last years and years.

For Fall 2010, they did it again with the Admire wedge. A spin on the Atacoma: ankle length, leather upper, exposed zipper across the (outer) inside, and a leather strap with velcro closing near the toe. Yummy! Many say may shoes look like they belong to a contortionist, maybe that's why I love them so, but I think I just recognize an amazing shoe.    


So far I've seen a total of three colors; black, olive green, and a  metallic bluish (not shown).  The olive is BY FAR my ultimate fave.  Check out their site here - Acne Jeans


~ Courtney Michelle