Xtina's in the Know: Club Promoter Goes 'Oops Upside' the head of Fantasia

A club promoter for a club in North Carolina called Kush Lounge (SMH) didn't appreciate the fact that singer Fantasia Barrino showed up to make an appearance and not perform. 

Click the break to see just how upset this promoter was and what he did to the R&B star….

Fantasia was sitting in VIP when the promoter asked her why she wasn't performing, when she informed him that she wasn't paid to perform, only to make an appearance the promoter picked up a chair and threw it at her!

An onlooker said security broke up the fight and escorted the singer out of the building and the promoter off to another place. No arrests were made. 

It seems like something is missing from this story because for a promoter to throw a chair at a celebrity that was hired to make an appearance at a club party there has to be screws missing somewhere in that brain or the full story isn't being explained.