The Illest Fashion: Camos


To the fellas,

I can
see it now, the summer of 2011 will be the summer of retro-ed kicks,
fitted and/or sleeveless tees, snapbacks, and last but not least,
camos. Camos are street jargon for camouflage cargo shorts. As we all
know, jean shorts are dead. As a result, many noblemen have limited
the shorts section of their summer wardrobe to strictly khaki
material and cargos; the latest and most popular of this trend is

I adore a man in camos. Although I really enjoy seeing a man in the
business/business casual attire, it is imperative that he can get his
“fresh” on too. I remember the first time I seen Lil’ Wayne
sporting a pair with a red belt and red kicks about two years ago. I
was immediately turned on! And I do not find Wayne attractive in the
least bit, but something about the way those shorts hung so
gracefully from his waist sent me over the top.

it bothers me just a little that so many guys have took fancy to this
roaring movement. Now everywhere you look you see camos. Because I
cannot control who wears what, I just wanted to give the male readers
five helpful tips:

  1. Please wear your
    camos in moderation. In other words, do not wear your camos
    everyday. There are plenty other color cargo shorts. Broaden your


  1. Wear your camos like
    they are neutral. You know, like jeans and khakis.


  1. Do not over do
    yourself. Camos bring enough attention to your ensemble. A nice
    solid color tee with a little writing or simple image will do just
    fine. No need to walk around looking like a flashing caution sign.


  1. Camos look best with
    Chucks T’s, Vans and Air Jordan’s. Some people can pull off
    other kicks but this cannot be done often.


  1. These are the only
    tolerable camouflaged wear for the summer. No exceptions.


Keep in mind that these
are my personal opinions and no one is obligated to agree with them.
But I am a female and I can tell you that one of the very first
things a woman notices about a man is how well he carries himself;
with his garb being the initial foundation. So if you are going to
wear them, wear them with fashion sense. For more of my shenanigans,
follow me on twitter: @Breyanne. Stay tuned for future post on The
Illest Fashion.