The ILLest Fashion: Comfort Memoirs by @Breyanne

We, as in females, love
the summer. Why? Because it motivates us to do what we do best: get all
dolled up.

    The summer atmosphere invites us to put on short shorts, miniskirts,
fancy tops, body hugging and sun dresses, colorful wedges, strappy heels,
glistening jewelry and perhaps make-up. We walk out the house in awe of our
beautiful creation. In our minds our home is the dressing room to the world’s
lavished runway. We feel so accomplished and we know that somewhere a gentleman
is breaking his neck to get a three second glimpse of the stimulating eye candy
strolling past him.  Yes, all day we feel
amazing and unstoppable. And when the night strikes and we return back to our
nestled homes what is the first thing we do? Strip! As soon as we walk in the
door we immediately come out of those pretty, fancy clothes and shoes that we
adore.  We then proceed to put on
something much more comfortable, such as sweat pants or cheerleading shorts and
a t-shirt. Although we love our clothing, we can all admit that as the day
goes on we are not very comfortable in our attire.

    I, as much as the next woman, enjoy looking beautiful. I
am one of the most feminine females you will ever meet and it is only my nature
to want to look amazing. My walk-in closet is my favorite place in the whole wide
world; for it consists of all the decorative makings to get dolled up that I
mentioned in the previous paragraph. In my first post here at Kingsrowe, I
announced my love for shoes. Because of my crazy fetish, my closet is full of
shoes. You name the shoe type and I guarantee I own a pair. I have an
extraordinary sum of both heels and sneakers. However, I will admit that over
the few years my heel tally has exceeded my sneaker count, but I still get weak
at the sight of a fresh pair of kicks.

    I know some of the female readers will definitely frown
about the idea of wearing sneakers. And honestly, I can relate to those
feelings. There was a two year time span where I did not purchase any kicks at
all. I figured I had simply grown out of that era of my life and I was fine
with that. Heels, sandals, and the occasional pair of flats begin to take over
my shoe game. I was in shoe heaven. But then the black and red Jordan VI’s
retro-ed and for some unknown reason I had to have them. A month later, I seen
a picture of the Cool Greys and I knew immediately my sneaker mojo had

am I discussing sneakers? Recall in the first paragraph I mentioned coming home
from a long day and immediately exchanging the sling backs and skinnies for
sweat pants.  All while in the midst of
changing clothes you are thinking, “My feet are killing me!” It is okay to take a
break every blue moon from the three inchers. To accomplish this goal, I
suggest investing in a pair of nice kicks.

you skepticals out there who worry you will not be as attractive in sneakers, I
will tell you right now that is bogus. The heads will most definitely still
turn as you walk by. Most of the men I know think Jordan’s and other hot label
sneakers look better on a woman’s foot anyways because our feet naturally run
small. It is all about your confidence level as you wear them. Wear them with
the same poise you do when you wear heels. Not only will it be a nice vacation
for your feet, but you will be less likely to develop the aching foot syndrome.
Not to take shots at heels, because I love heels, but it is common knowledge
that wearing heels all the time results in extremely unattractive feet. Add
flavor to your shoe collection and your wardrobe immediately becomes more

    Before I go, I will leave you with some ideal summer
kicks. Chuck Taylors; a light shoe that comes in a multitude of color options.
Vans are also really great summer kicks. My personal favorites are retro-ed Air
Jordan’s, preferable numbers I-XII. Or if you do not know where to start a
really great spot to pick up a pair of nice summer time kicks for women is Sole
Classics. Dionte’s Nike selection is ridiculous and anything from here will be extravagant and have you looking beyond astonishing.

As always these are my thoughts and ideas. For more of my
intellect follow me on twitter, @Breyanne. Stay tuned for more on The ILLest