The Illest fashion: Polo Ralph Lauren



When Kayne West first hit the music
scene as a solo rap artist, it was typical to see him on television, in concerts
or even in person sporting a polo.  Not
just any polo, the prestige of all polos, a Ralph Lauren. Before the days of
Mr. West and his phenomenal flows over his ridiculously creative beats, it was
a rare commodity to witness a RL polo being worn as urban gear.

must hand it to Mr. West; he did for Polo Ralph Lauren what Sean Carter did for
button-ups. Because of these two men, collared shirts are considered chic and
fashionable. But has popular culture diminished the stylishness of the Polo RL
clothing line? And has the days when it was acceptable to wear RL faded to

has been quite a few years since we have observed Kayne in a music video
sporting a RL polo. Does this mean Polo RL is dead? I say no. I still get a
little weak when I see a man clean up nice. Something about a Polo RL makes a
man look mature and fresh. I even think wearing a RL tee is fine on occasions. And
although I firmly believe the new line of RL canvas shoes are a rip off from
the Vans Original Classics, I would not object to witnessing a few sporting a
pair. As for the RL hats, I believe they are a pleasant change from fitted hats,
especially when one is wearing a Ralph Lauren polo, tee or button up. I
understand that right now snapbacks are the craze but these along with fitted
hats do not really accentuate the “RL look”.

that I have given the world my blessing to wear Polo Ralph Lauren, I will tell
you what is absolutely not okay. I have seen men and women wearing Polo hats,
shirts, bottoms, shoes, socks, jewelry, and exposed underclothes all at once:
everything they had on encompassed a Polo sign. I have even seen Polo RL tattoos.
Cool it! Polo RL must be worn in moderation. For my guys, stop wearing it three
sizes to big. I am sure when Ralph gave the green light to make big and tall
sizes it was for big and tall men. I honestly feel as though I should not even
have to make this next statement but one would be surprised. To my ladies, RL
polo dresses are a no, no and I refuse to elaborate on why. One last thing,
please stop wearing Polo RL everyday. Okay, we get it; you have money to spend
recklessly on Polo. I understand that some individuals favor RL and prefer to
wear this over any other clothing line but you are wearing it out, literally.
Give yourself, Ralph, and the rest of the world some breathing room. This is
why many people are slowly but surely steering away from wearing RL at all.

always, I want to remind you that these are my own thoughts and opinions. Not
necessarily the same as the Kingsrowe family. Thanks for the read. Follow me:
@Breyanne. Stay tuned for future post on The Illest Fashion.