My Love and Basketball

Amar'e Stoudemire joined the New York Knicks this past basketball season and has become a local socialite as well as newly acquired fashion designer.  Pairing with Rachel Roy; the 6-10 Forward is taking a crack at this fashion thing.  But he's no new-comer; he's appeared in GQ on numerous occasions, attended NY's Fashion's Night Out, and remains dapper in post-game press conferences.  Let's not forget him being a part of the Nike roster of all-star athletes and his input on shoe designs.


A well-known basketball star? Yes.  But not one to constantly stay in news feeds, or gossip blogs; Amar'e is the perfect candidate for Roy, who tends to gravitate and pair with individuals who are in the spot-light, but not the limelight.

 So what does one expect from the collabo?  I'm a Jordan girl 'til I leave this earth, but let's be honest - I'm 24 now.  Some of the Jordan gear for women looks like I'm on my way to a high school house party.  This pairing with Roy and Stoudemire is sure to come off more mature than elementary .  "I'm channeling a girl that goes to sporting events; she goes to basketball events or maybe football events," says Roy, which is ideal.  Personally, I can never figure out what to where to basketball and football games- rock the heels, or be comfortable in sneakers?  I'd love to look chick, but still let everyone know I can keep up and talk my own sports jargon.

Roy continues to explain their vision, "She needs something that is modern...We want to give them sexy from the inside out.. What does Giselle wear when she goes to watch her man (Tom Brady) play? Those Images are the inspiration as we're designing." (Roy to WWD)

Set to arrive in the fall at Macy's department stores and NBA.com, the duo seems to have great chemistry and vision that balances well for the line - a touch of Roy and Amar'e.  I'm excited! Finally a pairing of my two favorite things: sports and stylish, chick fashion.  Not sure how I feel about that lace-up, jersey top though Rachel.  But we shall see!  Good look Amar'e.