Nike Air Max 2009 ID by King JD


When I first saw the new customizable features to the Air Max 2009 on Nike ID I knew I had to make a pair!  You would’ve thought I was a crack fiend the way my eyes were fixated on the computer screen. I wanted to create a shoe that would be perfect for a warm spring day, one that was colorful but not too obnoxious, and a shoe that would turn heads.  I’m definitely happy with the finished product, the colors lay very nicely next to each other.  I went with the calypso mid-sole strip, sliver heel to calypso forefoot fade, glow in the dark sole & Nike check... oh and fruit punch laces!  Purple is my favorite color so I chose purple as my second lace color.  The left shoe ID reads “TIOBS” (The Idea of Being Somebody®), a movement I’m very proud to be a part of.  The right shoe ID reads “KJD”, which is just a short abbreviation to King JD.  I wish I could create a few more pairs of the AM 2009 but this pair hurt my pockets a little bit... but at the end of the day, it was definitely worth it!

More Pictures at http://MrKingJD.com