Playdough: The Nike Euro Clay and Jesus

 I checked out a few artist that were making a Nike Dunk Euro out of clay and it brought a text to my mind. (@mathieu_slaedts & Chole Peckel)

Romans 9:21 poses a great question to the reader "Does not the potter have the power over the clay?"

I believe that Jesus' goal is to make suffering understandable. With Him being the Potter, Jesus uses suffering as the pressure that is applied on the "wet clay". Think about this, wet clay is a lot easier to mold then dried out rock hard clay. Therefore, we often must be sent through a storm (to wet us) in preparation of a shaping process. Make sense?

Under Jesus' gentle, loving touch, our lives are molded into a "design and shape" that pleases the throne. However, the Potter not only desires our lives to be useful, but He also wants our character to be radiant.

After the molding and shaping we are then placed in the furnace of affliction. Now when clay is placed in the furnace, its true colors are revealed. This is amazinig, because as we go through the process of the storm (to wet us), the moldinig (to shape us), the furnace (to reveal our true colors), in the end we are revealed as the beautiful creation crafted by the Potter. Die Daily!

Lets keep in mind through it all, that the master craftsman is at work, His work creates perfection!

PS* I wouldn't recommend wearing clay Nikes. Shop Soleclassics tho. Staying Low,

Yaves Luther King