Shoes, Fits, and Foods with JD

I had a lot going on this day. My GPPR camo shirt is one of my favorites. I wear it all the time. It's an easy shirt to fall in love with because it's comfortable, durable, and goes with almost everything. My red Stussy shorts didn't really match anything. I felt like they complimented the fit well though. You can also almost always see my keys dangling from the Drought Dry Goods key holder as seen in the third picture.  My favorite part of the fit is probably the shoe/sock combination. I'm a big Dave's Quality Meat (DQM) fan and I had to grab these socks when I visited their store in New York. They went perfectly with my Surf Shaka Vans Vault Eras.  

My meal was from Mac's Cafe on High St. (CO). It was happy hour of course and all the appetizers were half off so I went with the scotch egg (boiled egg wrapped in some type of sausage) and chicken fingers. The food was good! Especialy for $5.