Swag Kings by @_BreezyCakes featuring @Kapo_TI

Some of you may remember me from a few posts I did last Summer under my old Twitter name, @Breyanne. Landing two killer jobs and relocating back home to Columbus, Ohio, my career took over my life. But Summer's back and I have a little free time again. Like many of you, I have been keeping up with Dez Arnez's Instagram Beauty of the Week; dope concept. I told my homie Chewy that the site should a post paying tribute to the fellas as well. This first edition of Swag Kings is dedicated to the homie T.I. I would put his government name, but I feel like he'd kill me. T.I.'s swag is phenomenal! He can match colors so perfectly and make it look so easy. No one in the world can match shades of red the way this man does. His one true love is sneakers and he wears them so well. Although his sneaker and hat collection is better than most, his fashion sense doesn't stop there. Not only can he swag out in urban gear, but he can show class in business attire as well. His fashion sense is universal. Check out these pics. 


For more visuals on this edition's Swag King, follow T.I. on Instagram and Twitter at @Kapo_TI. 


Also, I'll be looking for other greatness for future posts, so for referrals contact me via Instagram and Twitter at @_BreezyCakes