Vans Vault Wingtip Era LX (2009)

I recently picked up a new pair of Vans from 2009.  I was up late one night searching some of my favorite shoe styles on eBay, and I stumbled upon these.  Late night eBay searching is always dangerous!  I have been chilling (kinda, well...not really.) with my purchases lately, but when I saw these in my size I had to get them.  I'm almost positive these were the only pair on eBay and they have been long sold out of all stores that sell Vans Vault shoes.  So, basically it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, low key.  The only thing I'm worried about now; is wearing them without messing them up.  I'm usually not psycho about keeping my shoes clean, but the cleanliness of these Vans is what I like most about them, so I must keep them that way.  Wish me luck!