Who Rocked and who Flopped it!

As we know, there is always those few who outshine the others... With that being said, I have some favorites and not so favorites!



1st Favorite: Molly Sims in Dolce and Gabbana


Molly Sims in Dolce and Gabbana
      There is something really unique about this combo. It's really elegant but yet really edgy! I believe it compliments Molly well in addition to the theme:”The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion.” Keep in mind people this was a COSTUME event! All I can say is "YOU GO!"      

2nd Favorite: Jessica Biel in Atelier Versace gown


This Versace gown is brilliant! It is the epitome of elegance! It demands to be looked at... Wow is all I can say! From her escort to her shoes, Jessica, "YOU NAILED IT!"


3rd Favorite: Blake Lively in Versace


What more is there to say that the picture does not?! IDK! Not to much but BEAUTIFUL! She wears the Versace dress with so much confidence while carrying sexy on her back! Look at her heels and her makeup! "TISK TISK, YOU PUT THEM TO SHAME GIRL! YOU GO!"



1st Least Favorite: Madonna in Louis Vuitton


Honestly what was Madonna thinking? There is not much to say but WTF? I mean really, what's up with the head piece? For some odd reason it reminds me of the Statue of Liberty! I don't like!

2nd Least Favorite: Ciara in Emilo Pucci


I've always wanted to style Ciara because sometimes her stylist has her in outfits that does not compliment her body and/or style, and the sad thing is Ciara is my favorite R&B artist out. She is way to young, edgy and talented to be wearing this.  Not to mention how bad the hair is! Obviously, she has strong facial bone structure, why is her hair swept back? She needs something that would draw the eye away from her jaw-line, like a bob so something. Maybe a swooped low pony-tail! Get with the program stylist!!!!!


3rd Least Favorite: Tyra Banks




I'm not to flattered by the dress but thehair is what deemed her as 3rd on my least favorite. Tyra always has nice hair (lace fronts) with a lot of body and beautiful curls...easy fix!





Who are you favorite and least favorite dress?