Rapper Fabolous, a Brooklyn native, is being investigated by the New York Police Department in connection with the murder of another Brooklyn rapper, G-Baby, slain outside a Queens nightclub in March.

Police have not tagged the hip-hop star a suspect, but are reviewing his relationship with G-Baby, whose real name is Greg Brown. Both rappers are from Bedford-Stuyvesant and have been known to have a tumultuous affair over the years .That beef was apparently resolved, according to former "hip-hop" cop Derrick Parker, as reported by the New York Daily News.

Surveillance video apparently shows Fabolous, born John Jackson, getting into a vehicle and leaving the scene seconds before G-Baby was shot in the back, the paper reports.

G-Baby, 22, was a protege of rapper Memphis Bleek, another Brooklyn native, who had signed him to his record label.

Fabolous posted a message on his Twitter account concerning G-Baby's murder about 7 hours after the crime, reports the Daily News. The rapper wrote on his Twitter account: "Lost a soldier in the field this morning," he tweeted. "R.I.P. G Baby."