The "Aye" Epidemic!!!!!

Aye...Aye...Aye...Aye! You know the adlib Im talking about everyone uses it and adds their own little swag to it. Juelz, Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Gucci, OJ Da Juiceman ( O Lord!)  But the one Im talkin about in specific is that Gucci and OJ adlib. Everytime I go out thats all I can hear! Even when I leave the club and get back in the car I can still hear the popular adlib ringing in my ear. So my question for the people today is...Is it getting carried away? Are there too many ayes and not enough lyrics? Or are you cool with getting "Ayed" to death? Better yet, here's a challenge listen to an OJ Da Juiceman song and count how many times he says "Aye!"... then post a comment on your findings when you are finished. Here's a head start! Aye! Lmao!