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So I decided to steal @ItalyJames' recipe for success since I DOGGED her at Gameworks the other day. This format for questioning is from her "Big Things Poppin" series and have been used without permission because THATS HOW I ROLL! LOL... anyway. I had the opportunity to catch up w/ Ms. Sandra Calhoun the other day and ask her a few questions about her new passion. If you all are unfamiliar with Sandy, she is the belligerent tweeter who is probably being followed by your significant other *cough*... lol

Who? Sandy Calhoun

Where? Toledo, OH

So What Do You Do?/ What Industry Are You in?Modeling- Print, Runway, Promotional

How Did You Get Into the Business? High School Talent Search

When Was the Moment You Knew Modeling Was What You Wanted to Do? My first fashion show for Toledo designers clothing launch

What/Who is Your Biggest Inspiration?My Mom & Stepmom the two strongest women I know. They have help make me the woman I am today. They are my biggest supporters and the most influential people in my life. They are always there when I feel discouraged letting me know they are proud of the woman I am & proud that I'm going after my passion in life!!

What Sets You Apart from Everyone Else?My Natural Beauty, Smile, Humbleness. JUST me period. I'm not the typical model that walks into a casting call or office. Photograhers & designers love that I'm easy going and easy to work.

Who Do You Feel is Your Biggest Competition?My Biggest Competition MYSELF. I don't worry about other models if I dwell on them I'll never make it anywhere in life

What Do You Ultimately See for Yourself in This Industry? Like… What is Your End Goal? I just want to see how far I can push myself to go. I want to be on top and to me that means being that model that everyone loves, that model who is on your list when you're naming off movers and shakers in the industry.

Tell Us Something We Should Know About You….I am a native of Toledo, OH and the 2nd youngest of 9. I love College Football GO BUCKEYES!!! Football season is the best season of the year. I'm a Lakers girl, not literally, but I love my LAKERS and on a Saturday I sit on the couch in front of the tv and watch College Football in sweatpants & tshirts.

So What Do You Have Coming Up Next? What Should We Look Out for?I will be featured in the 2010 Please Believe Me Girl Calendar. I am one of the faces of Jahi' Designs, based in Cleveland, OH. My webpage will be up in January where I will update photos from shoots, blog and much more.

CONTACT INFO: booking, twitter, facebook, etc...  Twitter:  @Iam_Barbie (i think its changed to @lakersbarbie)

FaceBook:  Sandy Barbie Calhoun

Booking:   thePBMGirls@gmail.com

subject line:Bookings (Barbie/Sandy)

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