Happy Blue Ivy Carter week folks. Now that we've finished celebrating the birth of the Super Baby I thought we'd get back to business with this week's Instagram Beauty of the Week.

And our first two time recipient of the Safe Auto Instagram Beauty of the Week(Safe Auto isn't really sponsoring this I just did that for the kicks!) we have Yaris_Sanchez. 

I mean when you look like that you can be IBOTW every week. I've spent the last 14 hours just staring at her dress. I feel like it's trying to tell me something. It looks like a Dali painting and her ass is hypnotic.

I just wanna ask her, "Did you ever think that you would be this thick? Did you ever think that you would have those hips? Did you ever think you would be IBOTW? Have an ass with a fifty acre lawn?

Over 1388 people seem to agree with me. 1388 people clicked the like button dog. That's more people than who voted for Governor Rick Perry in New Hampshire.

And as always if you have a suggestion for IBOTW email me at dezarnez@kingsrowe.com to get your voice heard. EARLLLLLY!