Instagram Beauty Of The Week by @dezarnez

Whats Good my people, Another Week another Instagram Beauty of the Week. Makes sense right. I know I know im late yet again but hey its better late than never right? But to the matter at hand; These beautiful Instagram babes. As I sat on my sofa on a beautiful afternoon the homie @RML_ENT threw me a 60 yard bomb down the sideline in the corner of the end zone and as you see, I caught it with one hand of course like only the fake famous Dez Arnez would. This week @Tehmeenfzal blesses the IBOTW title. Who cares if football season is over do you see that damn jersey and those high socks? OH MY GOODNESS who wouldn't wanna play tackle football with her any time of the year? It's got me thinking about trying out for OSU come Spring. I'm hoping and praying she is a part of one of those lingerie teams so I can buy season tickets. 


Well thats it for this week, lets hope my black people time clock is working next week.
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