Instagram Beauty of the Week by @dezarnez

It's Friday, I just got paid, and y'all know what we do around here on Fridays. We post IBOTW. Now, I was just on the cover of the Daily Biz mag (Shoutout to Jay Bobo for the oop) and I had three lovely women from the city on the cover with me so I said "what the heck lets take IBOTW back local shall we?". Now, this week I chose the lovely cakefien. The pics speak from themselves. In the words of the great Waka Flocka "Hair long, ass fat. Shawty mean" did I mention she can dress her ass off? Ok enough talkin' from me Go ahead and follow her on Instagram and OD on the like button. Tell her Dez Arnez sent ya.


Y'all know how to reach me, dezarnez@kingsrowe.com with any questions. I'm out