Okay, okay, okay we're back after the short hiatus last week. This is the #IBOTW of the New Year and if the Mayans are correct predicting our impending doom this year we want to leave the new inhabitants of Earth with quality looking bitches taking mirror pics then transferring them into sepia tone tint. WHOOO! That was a mouthful. Pause. And moving along...

Here we have _dulcevida. You know you're bad when you can have the underscore at the beginning of your name. That means we gotta press the indent, shift, control key button just to find you on our social networking list.

And look at herrrrrrrrrr doggy. The red contrasts with the blonde which compliments her skin and loooook at them curves dogggggggy! More turns than a mini car race track at Magic Mountain. 

112 thirsty turtles jammed the like button and we obviously agree that this was a good way to start the New Year. Yooooo _dulcevida hollllllla at yer doggggy!

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