Noooo!!! Don't do it Verizon!!

Tuesday, Jan 11th 2011... the day, which will make AT&T Retail Sales Consultants, like myself, piss their pants.. has finally been set.

Verizon Freaking Wireless is about to be the SECOND wireless carrier to have the iPhone!! AT&T has been the only EXCLUSIVE iPhone carrier in the US since 2007 and Verizon is just about to take away the light... and most importantly, my money!!

Big Red (aka Verizon) think they all sweet coming in here talking about they have a big "secret" announcement. Meanwhile, they over here inviting all the reporters in the world (basically) to NYC to make this announcement.  NO WONDER.. No freaking wonder why AT&T's scary @ss'  dropped the price of the Samsung Captivate to $149.99 AND dropped the price of the iPhone 3GS to a whopping $49.99 ((GREAT Comeback AT&T!!!.......... NOT)).  Plus they blowing our heads up telling us AT&T is about to be the carrier with the MOST Android phones and blah blah blah... Who really cares ab Android??!

All this news is horray for Steve Jobs, and boo hoo for AT&T and I!  This is soo selfish of Steve Jobs to try to have a greater competitive edge over the dumb, wanna-be Apple, Android phones that people go crazy over... Speaking of - lets talk about how the EVO is the stupidest sh*t in the world!! - Its a 16.8 pound Dell Desktop computer!! It has a dumb@ss kick stand, because as big as a motorcycle, it can't stand by itself.. and you ignorant Sprint users gloat about the fact that "OMG we the only ones with 4G capability!"... Dummies! Aint no 4G round these parts! AT&T got 4G now, too. Plus, you have THEE absolute worst service in the WORLD! Didn't you ever wonder why you get Unlimted talk, text, and web for $4.99 a month?!! #Idiots

My rant is over. #TeamiPhone


- @THAT_Twigga