#1BAS (Replay): January 26th, 2012

If it's the end of the month, then you know it's time for #1BAS! If you don't already know what that is, it's when Kingsrowe Radio and Familiar Face Radio come together for 1 BIG ASS SHOW! As always, this episode was nothing short of a good time. The crew touched on topics like Valentine's Day, dealbreakers, and today's "Independent" woman. Of course there was the usual weekly favorites like Dez Arnez's 'Cut The Sh!t' and Leon's 'Motor Boat of the Week'. Last but not least we can't forget about the DJ. DJ Durl provided a CRAZY sountrack! This might've been the week where he showed why you promoters need to book him for your next party! Download the show below and see why we were the NUMBER ONE trending topic in Columbus, Ohio! 


>>>>>> DOWNLOAD #1BAS HERE <<<<<<




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