#KregAndDezShow: The Catch-Up Packet

I know, I know. We've been slipping on our replays of the Kreg And Dez Show. You forgive us though right? Good. We know not everyone will be able to catch us when we air live, so the purpose of these replays is to conveniently keep our listeners in the loop. In these episodes, the crew discusses topics such as how to perform proper banking, what it's like to be in 'Marvin's Room', and there's also the premiere of 1 Big Ass Show, in which the Kreg And Dez Show cast joins forces with the Familiar Face Radio crew for 3 hours of straight foolishness!

If you're all caught up, dope. If not, get that way! And remember to catch us LIVE every Thursday night from 8:30pm-10pm on www.dpsradio.com. You can also check us out via the TuneIn app from your smartphones. Just look us up under 'Da Peoples Street Radio'


'MONEY IN THE BANK' (9.22.11)


'1 BIG ASS SHOW' (9.29.11)