Whudup Wednesday: Lupe Fiasco is RETIRING!!!!

LupeFiascoPurpl If you haven't heard yet Lupe is retiring from the music industry, and he says for good! There has been buzz for months about the release date for Lupe's FINAL album, one has not been set yet but it will be in 2009.  A title for the album has been given "Lasers". Here's his first single, is he going out with a bang? Check it out and see! This Is For My Niggas (No Dj)  [audio=http://kingsrowe.com/officialblog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Lupe_Fiasco_-_This_Is_For_My_Niggas_No_Dj_-_HotNewHipHop.com.mp3]

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