19 year old shot and killed for Nike Zoom Rookies

This is a sad day in sneaker news. Growing up people got jumped for sneakers from time to time but it was never murder related. I mean don't get me wrong, they are both shameful crimes but the hype that has manifested from the shoe game is getting ridiculous. Well not "getting" it is rediculous. They could have atleast robbed the kid for a pair of comfortable shoes.

19 year old David Robinson of Washington, DC was shot and killed for his jacket and Nike Zoom Rookies while waiting on the bus. These shoes feel like torture on your feet and to loose your life over them just sounds so out of the question. Young world, please here me out on this one, yo. It's never that serious over some shoes. The same shoes for the most part that are releasing up to date are the same ones that released when I was in elementary school and up into adulthood. Dont let Nike pimp you. Their company is only as strong as the money that you put into it.