5 ON IT: 5 Financially Helpful Dating Tips

When going on dates, many questions are often posed. Questions like how much should be spent, what places are acceptable or not acceptable to go to and last but not least, who pays for what. I've seen many rants and debates on Twitter and other platforms about this topic, so I guess I'll weigh in. Below are a few tips to possibly keep that first date from being the last

Pass That Dutch

We all know what it means to 'Go Dutch' on a date, right? Well for those who don't, going Dutch means basically every man (or woman) for themselves. You pay for you, I'll pay for me. There is NO better time to do this, than on the first date. Why? It's the first date! This is the time when you begin building with this person to see if there even will BE a second date! Why break your pockets for a person who you may never want to see again after tonight?

Location, Location, Location

Does WHERE a person take you for a date matter? If so, how much? I asked a few chicks the following question: If you really dug a guy and he took you to McDonald's on the first date, would you call him again? Their answer: "No!" But why? You're into HIM right? Right. So what matters more, where he takes you? Or that you two are simply together? I'm not saying all dates should be at McDonald's, I'm just saying that there's a bigger picture.

You Ask, You Pay

Man, I HATE when a chick asks ME out, but then when the bill comes, she pretends she doesn't see it. Assumptions are wack, and to ASSUME that he's going to foot the bill for an outing YOU suggested is just ill. You don't know that man's situation. For all you know, he could've had a rough week financially, but here you are suggesting J. Alexander's and expecting him to cash out. Stop that.

"The Guy Is Supposed To Pay For Everything"

What type of mythical shit is this? Maybe in the old days this held true, but it's 2012. I don't know about you, but 'Everything' is a pretty big word. Especially considering we all have bills, student loans, kids, etc. Despite how people may try to make it seem, none of us are rich. Not yet anyway. So to expect ole boy to finance every meeting is not only wack, but unrealistic. And this leads me to my final point...

Switch It Up!

I asked the chick who said "the guy should pay for everything" her reason for thinking that and here's what she said: "If he likes me as much as he says he does, he shouldn't mind". Wow. What happened to mutuality? You like him too, right? If so, just like HE shouldn't mind paying, neither should you. Am I saying pay for everything, all the time? No. But perhaps the establishment of some sort of system would help. For instance, if he gets the bill this time, you get the next one, and so on. If he pays for dinner, you pay for the movie, or vice versa. Shoot, put up some gas money even. Gas prices are high as hell and I'm sure he's driven all over town just to show you a good time, so why not? I just feel like, if the attraction is mutual, then the amount of work put into the date should be as well.


Most guys won't say it, but trust me ladies, we like to be treated sometimes too. However, the male ego is a crazy thing. We don't want you to think we're broke, so 9 out of 10 times we're going to cash out whether we have it or not, just to impress you. But fuck that. I don't care if a chick thinks I'm broke. Not when my bank statement tells a different story. Not when I have my own crib and you don't. Not when I'm paying bills and you're not. I'm just all about principle. You don't HAVE to pay for me. I'll always be good, but sometimes it's nice to see that you're willing to. Its 2012, ladies. If you ain't got no money, stay yo broke ass home, unless he asks you otherwise.