6 Questions We (Men) Would Rather You (Women) Not Ask Us

A while back, I did a post called 14 Guys That Women Hate, and for the most part, it was intended to show my fellas who NOT to be when it comes to courting these chicks. Well, now I've decided to flip it in attempt to provide ladies with a small glimpse of what we think of some of the questions you all ask us. Here we go...

1. "Why can't I come to your house? You got a girl living there or somethin'?"

Man... Look. I can't speak for anybody else, but if I had a chick back at the crib, I wouldn't be entertaining you in the first place. Here's a thought: maybe I'm not bringing you back home because I just met you tonight! I don't know you or your intentions. For all I know, I could wake up to all my stuff missing. If anything, respect the fact that I don't just let anyone come into the place I call home.

2. "How many chicks have you slept with?"

Do you REALLY want to know? And even if he does tell you, who's to say he's being honest? Hell, he might be TOO honest and tell you some crazy number like 356! This is a question better left unasked.

3. "You used to date/go with/sleep with her?"

Chill! Not every interaction between males and females falls under the above categories. Nothing annoys me more than when I see one of my homegirls and the the chick on my arm gets to asking a million and one suspicious ass questions. Believe it or not ladies, platonic relationships aren't obsolete. If anything, let me introduce you and we can all kick it.

4. "You gon' buy me (insert material object here)?"

I grew up around and know a lot of respectable women (that's where I get a lot of my g from) and here's one thing I learned: If you're STILL asking him for stuff, then he has NOT YET decided that you were worth it. Once you become worth it, you won't have to ask. I promise. On top of all that, nobody wants a chick that always has her hand out. Demonstrate the ability to hold YOURSELF down first. Things like that increase your chances of being good for whatever in the future.

5. "What are you thinking about?" (My homie @OhThatsDubs, brought this one to my attention, and @6SisLife came through with the assist)

I work 12 hours a day. On some days, I might come home, plop down on the couch, turn on the TV or some music, and zone out. You decide you want to join me. Cool. But do NOT blow my post-work high by asking me "what are you thinking about?". I understand, you're interested in what I'm thinking. I respect it. Therefore, I'll tell you. "I'm thinking about the bird that sh!t on my car earlier and how I'm going to get my revenge". You look at me strange then say somethin' like "Don't lie! That's not what you're thinking about". No, it really is! The problem here is that you don't want us to tell you what we're thinking. Instead, you want some sentimental answer. We may or may not have that for you. Just relax and take the answer we give because we mean it.

6. "You probably do that too, huh?"

Am I the only one who has ever watched a movie/TV show/real life occurrence with a chick and got hit with this infamous question? For instance, you see a guy doing his chick the dirtiest. Then ole girl looks at you like, "that's probably what you do when I'm not around". I can't think of many things more awkward. All I can say is, no. In my defense anyway. Just because that man is doing it, doesn't mean yours is. Be cool.

These are just six of the FAQ's (Frequently Annoying Questions) that women like to ask. I'll probably come back and add the other 999,994 later on, but for now I feel like this covers a great deal.