Elite 8 Snubs by @HBKBrandon


By now I'm sure you've heard about the 614 Twitter Honey Bracket, brought to you by #ColumbusTwitter and the good folks over at DezArnez.com, taking shape. The committee put together a list of some of the dope ladies gracing our timelines everyday. The ladies were selected based on generally funny tweets, lusty Instagrams, dope movements and all around nice personality. Just like the March Madness Tourney and BCS Championship, we missed some candidates.

I was summoned put together a list of shorties the BCS system computer missed and in no specific order....
1. Lovely_smarie: Her IG was PG-13 but you had to applaud the effortless beauty displayed here. Beautiful woman, fellas don't be shy on the double taps over there.

2. ican_only_be_me: Here we have an outstanding lady that is always on your timeline, whether it's with the dpsradio.com show #SAT20s,corriebradshaw.com or being sexually harrased by #ColumbusTwitter.

3. mixed__chick: How she missed the bracket, the city will never know. She been low on the timelines lately so maybe the people forgot about her. Visit that Instagram and get them likes up and maybe her campaign trail begins with that like.
4. TheGirlWithBunz: FKA CarmenTheBody...this was a travesty leaving off the "thick booty diva". Carm is up in the YO doing her thing in dental school. Brains and beauty..and boo..Never mind I'm chilling. Click that follow on Twitter and let's appreciate the dopeness that is TheGirlWithBunz.

5. ItsJusDom: Was told this lovely lady was in college, we didn't get into majors but the avi fire and obviously she's goal oriented so let's applaud her one time...

6. MissKayBANKS: She's fly....literally. This Delta stewardess was left off, dunno how but the timeline will see a lot more from her in the future brackets.  

7. mrsconception: Dope artist from the city who's always putting on...We definitely dropped the ball on her. Quality cape action over there. Let's get her active early for next season's bracket...

8. _theRarebird: the self proclaimed creator of the "baby seal" movement and founder of #YellowLacefrontAndAviators hashtag...if you don't know what those are, catch up to her campaign. Dopeness over there on her TL.

I'm sure there were more, those were the Elite 8 the people wrote me about...Deadass. Needless to say, the city has some quality women. Thanks to the ladies that participated in the bracket, those that campaigned and their teams. We salute you for all you are doing. Keep flourishing.....and I'm out.