Instacreep - Swimsuit Edition


Yes, I'm back and this post is for all my "Instacreeps" out in these Instagram streets! (Dj Scream Voice) Everybody says I'm Hollywood because I don't use my 'like' button feature, but that doesn't mean I'm not liking your pics. It just means I'm chillin and letting you cook, but believe me I'm on Instagram all the time and I stay schemin'. Ok, now it's that time of the year where we get to see who was really working out and who was just posting pics on Instagram talking about #GYMFLOW. Let's not get it twisted; if you still have a little gut, it's ok. Dezi still loves you, just make sure those cakes are up to par and we will all forget. I don't want to see kids, dogs, or your GOT DAMN toes! Set out the thirst traps and let us see what you're working with ladies. Here are a few photos and be on the look out for more Instacreep posts.