Jae Wood's Journey to South Beach


I remember times not long ago when I could go to the mall and as long as I at least got up in the mornin, I would be good. The times are really changing and I said that maybe a year ago, but the scary thing is, they are continuing to evolve and I'm not sure if I like it but i'ts just the way it is. At one point in Columbus, Ohio our local semi, so so fancy mall known as Easton Towne Center used to allow us to line up outside of the local Foot Locker which is now a House Of Hoops. The Foot Locker is inside of a mall so we used to be able to just go first come first serve and wait, or camp if you will, outside of the store. Now it's a war zone. With our city being fortunate enough to have a House Of Hoops, we have out of towners from everywhere in the mix, as well as the local hooligans that have over time made the situation worse for our sneaker consumers. We went from camping outside of the store to a ticket system. Now don't get me wrong, the ticket process isn't that bad, but it's a rough process. Just to give a little backround info on how the ticket process works; the tickets are issued out on Friday and on the following day, Saturday, the release day, you line up in order according to the number issued on your ticket and that's how you get your shoe. The ticket does not guarantee your size, it only guarantees the availibility of the shoe. 


With that said, buying a shoe is a two day process now. Big ticket Fridays and release day Saturdays, which are a pain in the ass. Fridays are where you do the dirty work, the Easton security as well as police do not allow you on the premises until 6-7 am depending on how they feel. At one point you used to be able to wait in the mall all night if you wanted as long as you weren't a disruption, but as I said things have changed. The police now have you wait in a single file line in the parking garage where you wait for hours standing untill they escourt you inside the mall ten at a time about an hour before ticket issuing to wait in line inside of the mall. I took my wife with me on Friday, so I got a number 7 ticket and a 8 which I thought maybe I'd sell. I felt like an opportunist, but I ended up giving the ticket to a close friend. All in all, Friday was the worst. I helped a friend move after ticket hunting from 3am -10:30am. Saturdays are a piece of cake. You just get there by 8am with your ticket, get in line according to your ticket number and when they call your number you're in and out. To make my long story short, my voyage to South Beach was a success. A pain in the ass, but it was a success!

As far as the way I feel about the shoe, it's not the Lebron 8 SB by any means. I feel like it's a soft follow up to the previous shoe. The world, including myself seems to love that teal and pink combo. It just sits well in my opinion. The two colors complement each other. The quality is amazing as it should be for $267 after tax. I rode all around the city looking at lines and yes the hype really sold this shoe. In my opinion though, with the price increases, Nike should kill or minimize the profit margins a lot of these resellers are doing. $250 before tax and just to make another 50 you'd have to make the shoe 300 plus dollars. Everyone isn't paying that much for a shoe let alone the retail price. I feel this shoe sold successfully out of the Elite series because it's filling the void a lot of folks have for not having the South Beach 8's. Thats just my opinion though; me personally, I just wanted to cap off my set and from the looks of it they may do this once a year. It wouldn't be bad to own the whole set.