Jae's Closet 05/26/12 : Nike Penny II

 From where I stand, I think my appreciation for kicks comes from not having. I remember never having some of these grails and wanting to know how they really preformed on the foot. The minute I was able to make my own cash it was on. I say that to say this; I really can't buy into the remixing of colors they are starting to do to this shoe. A lot of people have a huge amount of respect for the Nike Penny line, but black and blue is the staple of the line. I remember the Eastern Conference Playoffs with the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic and this shoe was just as sick as any pair that MJ was wearing at the time. Or even the Chris Rock Lil Penny ads. Those were good times. Plenty of shoes I own I'd consider selling and parting with but this will never ever be one of them. This pair is very special to me. Far more than any foamposite that people have a new found love for but we'll save foams for another day. Have a good 2012 Memorial day weekend folks. Much love from Kingsrowe's own. ~ Shoepac