Shoes, Fits, and Foods with JD

I love trying new restaurants, but sometimes it's difficult breaking away from my usual spots.  I noticed this little breakfast spot in Westerville a while ago but never took the time the actually go.  Finally, I decided to stop by and see what "The Best Breakfast & Sandwiches" spot was all about.  I liked the mood of the restaurant, it was very authentic.  And by authentic I mean; the employees seemed very sincere and natural acting.  I felt like good customer service was definitely a focal point of their establishment.  I ordered an omlette with bacon, pepper-jack cheese, and green peppers with toast on the side.  It was a pretty hearty meal, just the way I like it!  I give "The Best Breakfast & Sandwiches" two thumbs up.  I will be returning soon.

My outfit for the day was pretty simple.  T-shirt and shorts... But, my t-shirt is not your typical t-shirt, it is your "Regular" t-shirt.  The new "Regular" t-shirt by TIOBS & Victoria B. is the perfect late spring/early summer shirt with the crisp mint colorway.  You can find it at Cantwaitanymore.com.  My shorts are by 10 Deep, and I wore my Black History Month Nike Air Max 1's because the shoe lining and laces perfectly accented the "Regular" shirt.