The Week In Quest10ns (11.7.11 - 11.11.11)

This is The Week In Quest10ns. But you knew that....


Take Care [Deluxe Edition]1. Today is 11.11.11. Did you know this phenomenon only happens once every 100 years?

2. Seriously. Where the HELL did Herman Cain come from?

3. Legendary football coach Joe Paterno was fired by Penn State University amidst a sex abuse scandal. Do you think he should've been?

4. Has anybody been keeping up with Justin Bieber's alleged Baby's Mama and her stories?

5. Do you believe her?

6. Drake's latest album Take Care leaked this week (BUY it if you really support him, unlike me. Lol). How do these rapper's projects keep getting out?

7. Speaking of which, doesn't it seem like everyone's "Ambition" disappeared once Take Care hit the streets?

8. This is completely random, but doesn't the word bed look like... a bed?

9. Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty in the death of Michael Jackson. Did the judge make the right call?

10. Kingsrowe Fall '11 is out NOW. Have you seen the lookbook yet?


Well... There you have it. Don't forget, today is Veteran's Day. Be sure to support all of our past and present troops. If not for them, we may not have it as good as we do.