The Week In Quest10ns (1.23.12 - 1.27.12)

1. Damn. Did ANYBODY think Red Tails was a good movie?

2. Rihanna got 'Thug Life' tatted on her hands this week. How much do we care?

3. It's almost February and Columbus, Ohio has had no real snow. I'm hype! Are you?

4. Would the New York Knicks be better off if they traded Amar'e Stoudamire and Tyson Chandler for Dwight Howard?

5. If there's ever a movie made about the life of Barack Obama, Drake wants to play the role. Who would YOU like to see play the president?

6. Speaking of Obama, after watching his State Of The Union Address, does he have your vote for 2012?

7. A man was given 32 years in prison for knowingly infecting 12 women with HIV. Should he have gotten a longer sentence?

8. Who knew that they didn't teach handwriting in school anymore?

9. You ever just had the urge to throw 1's on somebody for no reason?

10. Oh, I'm the only one? Oh well. *makes it rain on the bagger at the grocery store*

There you have it. This has been The Week In Quest10ns. I'm out.