Welcome To "I Heard 'Em Say" Tuesdays


Welcome To “I Heard ‘Em Say” Tuesdays!

It’s no surprise that we at Kingsrowe.com welcome Guest
Bloggers, but I have a little OCD and I needed it to be a little more organized
and compiled into one day. 

The main purpose of “I Heard ‘Em Say” is to show our
appreciation to our readers and supporters by providing an avenue for
expression.  Whether it be comedy, fashion,
photography, poetry, or just thoughts on a Word document, we encourage you to
speak your mind on www.kingsrowe.com.  It doesn’t matter whether you have your own
blog or not, that may even be more beneficial for you.  It is really simple and we only have a few



Minimum of 50 words (seriously, that’s only like
4 lines)


Minimum of one photo attached with each


Please withhold any derogatory or racial slurs
in the body


Submissions emailed to ms.kifle@kingsrowe.com