What Ever Happened To... Craig Mack?

One thing we can probably ALL agree on about Craig Mack is that he is ugly as hell. However, he was also a one-time member of Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment. He shared the Bad Boy roster with artists like the late, great Notorious B.I.G., who would eventually drown out Mack and his success, but he did manage to give us one album (Project: Funk Da World) under Diddy. From that album came a hit record that we all know as 'Flava In Ya Ear'. I personally hated that song, but people loved it. So much that it was nominated for a Grammy. Things would eventually sour between Craig Mack and Diddy (hell, things tend to sour with ALL of Diddy's artists. *keeps fingers crossed for MGK*), and the two would part ways sometime in 1995.


Where is Craig Mack now?


Well, after leaving Bad Boy, Mack signed to Street Life Records where he would release one album in 1997. After that he had a brief stint at a label called Stereo Nasty Records. Although nothing came of it, that lasted up until about 2008. Nowadays, he's no longer making music and is said to live in a religious community in South Carolina that is run by convicted sex offender Ralph Gordon Stair. Oh, and he's still ugly.