What Ever Happened To... Kid 'N Play?

One of the best things the 90's gave us was Kid 'N Play. Not only were they a superstar rap duo, they were also responsible for the CLASSIC House Party Trilogy. Really, there were four House Party movies, but real g's know that wack ass 4th one didn't count. In addition to being known for their music and movies, they were also known for their dancing as well as their style. The 'Kid 'N Play Kickstep' is still a hit a parties and to this day people are still imitating the high top fade made famous by Kid.


So where are they now?


When he's not dodging DUI's, Christopher 'Kid' Reid, now 47, tours as a stand-up comedian. He's also hosted shows like It's Showtime at the Apollo and Your Big Break. Other contributions by Reid include voiceovers on cartoon series', writing the theme song for Real Time with Bill Maher. He had a really brief solo career, and tried his hand in a few movies, but it's pretty safe to say Kid has to hang it up.


And Play?


Christopher 'Play' Martin has actually been having decent success since his Kid 'N Play days. In 1995, he began to make Christian music after turning his life over to Christ. He moved to North Carolina where he was a hip-hop teacher at North Carolina Central University before being laid off. Like Reid, Martin also tried his hand in acting once again having a role in the film 'The Return' in 2010. Nowadays, Martin who is the cousin of Martin Lawrence, is the CEO of HP4 Digital, a company that is mostly centered on film and theatre.


Kid has hinted that the two plan to reunite for a TV series, but I guess we'll just have to see.


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