"Where's The Love At" - @rhyanlomax


What Up World? This is Rhyan and I have some things to get off of my chest. First off, This has been a dope week for Columbus Twitter with the #614TwitterHoneyBracket and the love that was shown to the ladies of Columbus. This was a dope ass idea and there isn't any other way around it. I saw some of the most hate being expressed about The Bracket by bitter chicks and men that were disappointed they didn't think of it first and felt the need to down talk about the brilliant minds that came up with the idea. Dez, LeRon, RW and Brandon were geniuses for this movement they put together. It got the city buzzing and it shined the spotlight on some ladies that are just "dope chicks" all around. I can understand why some ladies were disappointed they didn't make the cut but I can not fathom why a man would hate and not show love to something that praises and shows love to women. Which makes me ask the question "where's the love at"? Where is the love at Columbus? It's like we, a city of vibrant and driven people, can't support one another when some people are doing dope shit.
Don't get it misconstrued, you might not like a particular movement and what not and that's cool if you don't but don't fix your mouth or your thumbs to talk bad about the movement. That's called "hate". You are labled a hater when you go out your way to expresss your dislike for something in a way that tries to discourage others from enojying something. I wish I would've saved this tweet that I saw but it read something like this: "Niggas have to quit gassing these weak ass chicks. That bracket shit is wack". IF you can't see what's wrong with that statement then you yourself might be a hater. Not only was he mad that they were showing love to women, he was a hater for saying something that was uplifting was actually "wack". I just don't understand it. The hate that flows through my city is real. If you have a dope movement and 30 people support it, you have 20 people who are going to throw shade on it, express their opinion, and say how it's wack. This stretches from The Bracket to the radio shows on WUGR and DPS Radio to some of the rappers and producers in the city. All dope movements and yet there's always that one "against the grain" person who is going to say "oh, that shit is wack" or "ain't nobody listening to that bullshit". I see this hate expressed on Twitter everyday and I can't understand why. I think they are secretly disappointed that they didn't come up with the idea first.
My city is full of dope bloggers, rappers, producers, radio hosts,and driven people that choose their own destiny and go out and get it. Support the local movements in the city and watch dope shit flourish and prosper. We as city will never get anywhere if we don't support first and foremost. I think that if the majority of the city would get behind some of these movements and show support, we would be unstoppable as far how big a movement can grow and expand. That's what this social networking and networking in general is about; EXPANSION and gaining popularity. I just want to leave you with these last few words. Do what you do and do it great. You will be faced with haters but don't let them deter you from your goal. Know that if you do have haters then what you are doing must be good. If nobody hates it then you have the wrong formula. Where's the love at?