Real Talk...

lilwayne All types of Tom Foolery after the break... I am glad someone stepped up from the streets and voiced their opinion about this rapid rise in rappers reppin' gangs. I went back into the archives to pull this picture out to show that maybe Lil Wayne was really a member of one of the two most publicized gangs in the United States, but why is he still reppin' so hard today? Sure, maybe you are gonna scream "he is stayin' true"... "he's keepin' it real"... or some other bullsh*t, but one of these days you all are going to have to open your eyes. Glorifying this gangster lifestyle isn't cool. Now a days a rapper can make it to the top of the charts while rapping about things they've never experienced. Lets take Rick Ross for instance. When you listen to his music you get the perception that you can sell coke, write rhymes while on the corner then snap your fingers and magically end up in a Maybach Benz. WRONG. Maybe what really happened is that one day while he was eating a jelly donut while working the night guard shift at Blockbuster, he looked on the rack and saw the newly released CB4 VHS... Maybe he decided he liked Chris Rock so he purchased the VHS took it to his apartment and snuggled up with a bowl of popcorn and laughed. Maybe it was when Allen Payne went on his solo gig that it hit young William Roberts that all he needed was a gimmick, a new slick name (Rick Ross) and a story and he too could be a multi-platinum rapper... and thus began the Carol City Cartel. Hypothetically of course... lol But, I am done ranting because you kids don't listen... you're fooling yourself. JUST WATCH THE VIDEO! The reason I spazzed like this is because of this... [audio=http://kngsrw.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/the_game-red_magic_feat_lil_wayne.mp3] waynegamered tapemastersinclilwaynethegamebloodsweatandtears ...yeah