Can't Stop Listening To @DWhy's 'Macchiato Music'

You know Hip Hop is taking it to the next level when there's a voice for the J.Crew/Starbucks consumers of this world. Introducing D-Why who looks straight out J.Crew's Fall catalouge. This guy dresses his ass off and really, really enjoys some coffee.

I'm not sure what this says about me but I've been watching this video for the better part of 2 and a half months and in that time I haven't decided if I'm hate watching it or I really like listening to D-Why(I'm going with the latter.). Either way I thought I'd feature him here and let you guys decide. When you're still watching and rapping the lyrics come August you're welcome or I'm terribly sorry.

David Morris now known as D-Why refers to himself as, "Jay-Z meets J-Christ meets Jay Leno meets J.Crew" is a graduate of West Virginia University and has degrees in Public Relations and Marketing and you can sense that when you watch his videos. The guy simply knows how to shoot videos along with his Production Team Rex Arrow Films.

NIGGAS IN GONDOLAS bro! He even has the Nina Nina song that was used in the Sopranos. This guy gets it! I hope D-Why sticks around for a long time and without further adieu here's some of my favorite lines off his "Macchiato Music" track.


No graphic tees, all the homies wearing oxfords, got your girl sleeping over, she wearin my boxers 

I'm funny, I fuck good and I'm a fly dresser run and tell your girlfriends that you just found the trifecta 

She got a
nice smile, cute laugh, ass and a face, bad bitch, even her
period comes fashionably late, whoaa

My dream
girl drives a Ferrari dresses and listens to Marley she down to ride
like a Harley and looks like malibu Barbie 

Cause the
good ones are either married or crazy, or had some rough years in HS and
ended up with a baby. I'm sayin I'm up in Starbucks trying to enjoy a
little coffee, ya'll really messed my mood up thanks a latte baby ahh

Doing my thing I'm riding around I got my people with me. we some bachelors lookin for Sex and the City, need a girl who, acts like Charlotte, works like Miranda, dresses like Carrie, fucks like Samantha 


Anyone want to go to a coffee shop all of a sudden?