Don't Sleep: Chief Keef (@CampaignSosa300)

I'ma be honest. Chicago's Chief Keef is my favorite rapper out right now. The most accurate way to describe the 17 year-old would be like, a mix between Waka Flocka Flame and Lil B. Speaking of Lil B, that's actually how I got hip to Chief Keef. I was cruising through a popular video website, when I saw a video called 'Bang (Remix)' and it was with Lil B (who's name I recognized) and a dude named Chief Keef. Based God's verse was silly as hell, as usual, but it was the beat and Keef's part that held my attention more than anything. This prompted me to do more research on homie and I eventually came across his 'Back From The Dead' mixtape which you can (and should) download HERE. This tape straight disrespected my car speakers. The production was crazy! I later on hit up DJ Vic Lloyd, who would be spinning at one of our parties later that week, and INSISTED that he play some Chief Keef during his set. He did and sure enough the crowd was messing with it, heavy. Chief Keef ain't for everybody, but if you have an appreciation for Trap Music, like I do, you definitely wanna get hip today. Check out his track for 'I Don't Like' (which had ABC Columbus going STUPID. Even DJ Durl was like "Chewy, who is this?") down below.


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